DAC Chips

Liste des puces DAC connues

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Vous remarquerez que ceux qui sont reconnus comme des références mondiales sont en fait les puces utilisées dans nos références actuelles !!!
Ce qui prouve que nos oreilles ne nous trompent pas.

Pour résumé : PCM63K , UA-20400A  et AD1862 au TOP.

Burr-Brown Multibit:

PCM51, PCM52 – 16-bit predecessors PCM53, a ceramic package
PCM53 16-bit, one of the old, but good (1983-86 years), with a parallel input
PCM54 16 bit multibit normal (slightly older PCM56), parallel input
PCM55 16 bits, the same as the PCM54, only in a small SOIC package
PCM56 16 bit, normal quality multibit
PCM58 18-bit, a very good DAC
PCM61 18-bit, the quality of a PCM56, but 18-bit
PCM63 20-bit, one of the best of the world’s Audio     (Theta Gen Va, Wadia 9)
PCM64 18-bit, one of the best, with a parallel input
PCM65 – one of the best, most expensive and rare multibitnikov, with parallel input
PCM66 16-bit DAC-2 and, huddled in a single housing, the quality – so so
PCM67 hybrid (multi + one-bit), 2 DACs and in one case (stereo)
PCM69 hybrid (multi + one bit), the same as the PCM67
PCM1700 18-bit, 2-DAC and in one case (stereo), the quality level PCM61
PCM1701 18-bit, one of the best, the successor technology PCM58
PCM1702 20-bit, the quality just below the PCM63
PCM1704 20-bit, the same as the PCM1702, but only able to accept 24-bit stream (converting all the same 20-bit)

Burr-Brown Single-bit:

PCM1600 / 1601, cheap
PCM1607, cheap
PCM1710, normal
PCM1715, cheap
PCM1716, cheap receiving 24bit/96kGts.
PCM1723, cheap
PCM1728 receiving 24bit/96kGts.
PCM1732 is more or less of the one-bit
PCM1738 is more or less of the one-bit, slightly better PCM1732
PCM1792 – newer series of 24/192
PCM1794 – best of PCM1792-PCM1798 (from a series of 24/192)
PCM1796, PCM1798 – latest, the quality is lower than the PCM1792


TDA1540 14-bit old multibit (1982-1986.), Very musical
TDA1541 16-bit is a very good multibit, stereo
TDA1541A 16 bit – “improved” TDA1541 – good multibit
TDA1541A R1 16-bit – the version with the worst differential non-linearity than ordinary
TDA1541A TDA1541A S1 16 bit – one of the best multibit
TDA1541A S2 16 bit – one of the best multibit
TDA1543 16-bit, two channels in one, simple and cheap
TDA1545 16-bit, low-cost
TDA1547 aka – DAC 7, one of the best single-bit
TDA1549 1 bit, the average size BitStream
TDA1305 1 bit, the usual, parameters worse than TDA1549
SAA7321 1 bit, the average
SAA7323 1 bit, the average
SAA7341 1 bit cheap chip “all-in-one”
SAA7350 1 bit, the usual Delta-Sigma, could be put together with TDA1547 and is itself

Analog Devices Multibit:

AD1851 16-bit, cheap multibit
AD1856 16-bit, multibit average, more coldly detailed analog PCM56
AD1860 18-bit, good multibit
AD1861 18-bit, multibit, analog PCM61, but slightly worse than the AD1860
AD1862 20-bit – one of the best of the world’s Audio   (Mystique EVO)
AD1864 18-bit, good multibit, 2 DACs and in one case (stereo)
AD1865 18-bit, very good multibit, 2 DACs and in one case (stereo)

Analog Devices Single-bit:

AD1852 1 bit, the average without current output (voltage only)
AD1853 1 bit good, one of the best one-bit from Analog Devices
AD1854 1 bit cheaper
AD1855 1 bit
AD1955 1 bit good, one of the best one-bit from Analog Devices


D18400 – 18 bits – a hybrid micro-set in the factory hand, the precursor D20400
D20400 (D20400A) – 20-bit – one of the best of the world’s Audio     (Mark Levinson ML35, Counterpoint DA-10, Spectral SDR-2000, Sonic Frontier SFD-2)

Crystal Semiconductor:

CS4303 – One of the best single-bit
CS4327 – 1 bit
CS4328 – good odnobitnik
CS4329 – 1 bit
CS4334 – 1 bit
CS4390 – cheap odnobitnik
CS4391, CS4392 – a little more than new, 1 bit
CS4396, CS4397, CS4398 – the latest from Crystal (Counterpoint DA-10, Mike ELLIOTT prefered the CS4396 over the later ones)


WM8716 – Delta-Sigma, supports 24/192, no current output (voltage only)
WM8740 – Delta-Sigma, supports 24/192, no current output (voltage only)
WM8741 – Delta-Sigma, supporting 24/192 with selectable digital filters.

Grade: “L” – the lowest (Low) – worse than no grade
“J” – selected to be better than common ones
“K” – selected to be the best in quality (better than “J”)


Article écrit par Florent, Septembre 2021.